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Vintage bedroom ideas

Decorating vintage nautical themed boy’s room only for one weekend! Vintage bedroom ideas theme can be a practical nursery decor that would be a growing boy’s bedroom, and a sustainable themes are important when it comes to decorating your child’s pace of growth and maturation. Interior designers are often attracted to the vintage themes, styles going back as far as 20′s and 30′s, 40 and 50, because the architecture of any advertising to communicate clearly comfortable that remains timeless appeal of your home decor. This article is about how the boy’s bedroom refurbished vintage nautical theme just one weekend.

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Start a color scheme as you and your child will receive a number of years. This Vintage bedroom ideas theme, bold primary colors (royal blue, apple red, sunny yellow) complement the nautical theme bedding and wall decor, and fits the classic Kid looks. Royal blue walls, works perfectly, it reminds us of the sailboats and the sea water. Instead, the blue coating the wall, enhance the visual attractiveness, the tape 24 off the “down the center part of the wall, it will remain as white, but may be painted 2 ‘lines with varying degrees of red, blue and yellow stripes parallel to the horizontal allows the inclusion of other primary colors (striped sails and the like). Painting room, just a few hours a day, and other decorative items will fall into place quickly.

Bunk bed painted a single color (red or white would be good) to help more space and style. Curtains, floor cushions, pillows and other bedding for boys in this nautical theme is easy to find, and it really adds definition to your room theme. The blue, red and yellow can be spun off pad, accessory pillows, blankets, pillows and blankets. The window location makes the perfect reading corner, and the addition of a bench cushion in the same primary colors like red, blue, yellow, white, and classic sailboats and stripes is the easy way to add on the subject.

Very affordable wall decor idea is framed vintage print advertising in a boat or a pencil drawing of sailing pictures vintage sources. Many thrift stores have the National Geographic magazines from 30s and 40s, and less than a dollar can be a whole series of ads for sailing and the art of frame worthy, people will love its own unique decor.

Antique toys are appropriate should be relatively easy and inexpensive to find the beautiful Vintage bedroom ideas, and when the display bookcases. The adults include antique toys for the interior, so this point is sure to grow with your child. If you’re flying a few toys from your childhood, or if you find these treasures for your next trip antique store, now is the time to add them to the room decor!