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Sanitary Ware Showrooms Design

Sanitary ware showroomsaren’t the easiest thing in the world to design. Besides having to look extra clean, the showrooms need to be uncluttered as well as providing spaces to the lots of sanitary ware on display. Here are some tips of choosing or building the showrooms to display your collection.

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Things to Consider in Choosing Sanitary Ware Showrooms

The first thing to notice of sanitary ware showrooms is its size. The size is crucial because the bigger the showroom is, the more sanitary ware you can put on display. Of course, smaller bath showrooms also have their own benefit in making it easy for you for arranging security measures and stock management. Pick the size that is just right for your display needs and the number of target you aim to reach. A 1000 m2 could easily accommodate up to 80 variations of items.

The design of sanitary ware showrooms is best to suit the sanitary ware design. If no distinct style is of concern, then modern style is best as it is the simplest design and can be easily set up and cleaned. Modern style showrooms will also attract more potential customers with its professional and honest approach. This customer-oriented approach should also be applied to the rest of the design, in which it should get enough natural light and enough spaces to move around.

Other Consideration in Designing Sanitary Ware Showrooms

In building a public place like showrooms, the parking lot is an indispensable part. Consider the number of your displays and the target number of potential customers that might visit at one time and the space for parking lot you have available. Consider having additional underground or upper floor parking lot built if the space is not big enough. Lastly, in designing the interior, don’t forget that the main display in the sanitary ware showrooms should be your sanitary ware collections and that everything else should be kept at minimum and not obstructive to the customers’ view.