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Room interior with wallpaper one side

I got a call from some friend of mine the other day. Jake and Diane are a married couple and 3 children, Sarah (16 years), Jordan (11 years) and Emily (7 years). They asked me to look at their renovated home. They were working on this project for about 2 ½ years and finally finished the house. Room interior with wallpaper one side are proud of the work they had done, and now invite friends and family over to show off the finished product.

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So today was my turn to pop in and see what they turned out to be an interior designer, and, of course, a compliment to a job well done. I arrived about 12 o’clock, and rang the doorbell. Diane came to the door and invited me in.

Over on the left side of the entrance to the living room. As soon as I stepped in I was in awe amazed far Room interior with wallpaper one side. They had hung the entire wall mural called the Treasury of Splendor. This mural is an artist rendering of a narrow river, with a white wooden cross from one side to another. At the same time, the foliage on both sides of the river bank.

The color is like the beginning of autumn green, gold, yellow, orange and red leaves in matrix only nature can create. In the autumn wild flowers are in full bloom. There are tall trees in the background and the foreground the river is 2 white geese floating in the river water. Needless to say, that they were decorated in a room like the beauty of the Room interior with wallpaper one side.

From there, met with Jake in the living room. This room is what they call entertainment. There are a lot of the wall was a large flat-screen TV and a TV cabinet in January was full of audio and video home theater electronic components.

A large micro-fiber products in cross-section of a curved pattern sofa was positioned just far enough away TV (middle of the room), so the surround speakers are all 4 corners of the room could be heard with great precision. When the oak bookcases, oak table and 2 matching chairs and curtains for a multi-colored earth tones, in which case only one thing was …

Yes, this room also has a beautiful wall mural. This mural is the artist’s rendering of urban skyscrapers in the city in accordance with each other. This time, the colors are beautiful shades of brown and gold, red brown, black, yellow, gray and white. This is a modern style of urban art.

So now they ask me to follow them into the kitchen. It is the end of the honey oak cabinets. All countertops are granite and medium brown. Walls of the counters are tile mosaic mural, the MMS on a plate of fresh fruit and wine bottles.

Kitchen table and chairs are made of mahogany with the finish line almost the same finishing cabinets. It is made of stainless steel kitchen island counter in the middle of a small sink and cutting board set to the upper next to the sink. Over the island is a chandelier hanging pot rack. This lighted pot rack is a counter on the island are lit for cooking.