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Oriental Bathroom Interior Design

Oriental bathroom design is one of the most relaxing designs for a bathroom. The Japanese have thousands of years’ worth of traditions in bathing and now that the limits between countries are blurred thanks to globalization, it is a good chance to adapt their art of relaxation into our own homes. Here are several tips on how you can achieve the looks you find in spas or hotels with oriental style.

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Oriental Bathroom Looks and Feel

Oriental bathroom designs focuses on simplicity and the harmony with the nature. To confirm with the simplicity concept, choose minimalist furniture with natural colors and free the space of any clutters. Incorporate wooden materials and natural stones into the design to get a more natural look and feel. You can even bring in living plants for decoration to add to the natural feeling. Decorating plants like bamboos, magnolias, cherry blossoms or plum blossoms are typically oriental and will add to both the beauty of the room and the authenticity of the theme.

Of course, an oriental bathroom should have some oriental decorations to add a sense of authenticity. You can add it to the major furniture like oriental bathroom mirrors or oriental bathroom vanities, as both are widely available at stores. A pair of kimonos will be a great addition to the design and also functioning as bathrobes. Varieties of electric lanterns are widely available and will be great for lighting purposes as well. Some hanging decorations like calligraphy or paintings could also serve to set off the theme.

Other Oriental Bathroom Tips

As harmony with the nature is crucial to oriental cultures, try to abide by that. Allow plenty of natural light into the room along with ventilation. Rice paper and grass cloths could be incorporated into the design as decoration or materials. Last but not least, the concept of balance should also be applied to the layout of the oriental bathroom by making as much symmetry as possible.