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Kids castle bedrooms

Children’s rooms are ideal for the castle theater or other forms of children’s theater at home, and offer benefits to the theater of children living in apartments and condominiums without a backyard or garden, where they can be open-air theater. Although it seems difficult to convince his son that the theater is a different environment for your home, it is amazing how a little imagination can do!

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First of all Kids castle bedrooms, you’ll find an old lamp and candle light. Place the lamp is a lamp, so that it stands in the middle of the shadow, and hey presto – just made a fire inside. You can do it even more realistic, popping popcorn is a stove top, and tell ghost stories, or if it scares the children, read stories about the history of the book. Grimm’s fairy tales or something. You can play games like I Spy or cards, and children are certainly some ideas.

Castle inside a princess

What girl does not dream to be a princess and finding her prince charming? Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are two of the most famous fairy tales of all time, and if you want your girl happy, so you can not do some of the golden tiara of diamonds, but you can turn Kids castle bedrooms into the house.

You can add a theater tent castle, and you can also use the bed to make a castle tent that can accommodate more than one child. In fact, the fourth daughter is big enough, you can build a castle, which is not entitled to take at bedtime. It can not even sleep as a special treat for good behavior.

The fourth Playhouse Disney
In fact, the possibilities limited only by your imagination, and there are many things you can do to Kids castle bedrooms if you have no garden to play in. You can build a house Disney entertainment, that they may be similar in “Princess Castle tent” because it poses as Castle Princess Aurora Sleeping Beauty, or store decorated with Pocahontas.