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Japanese Soaking Tub for Bathroom

In Japan, before entering the Japanese soaking tub or also known as ofuro, people have taken a bath with the shower nearby to washing their body. Usually a shape of tub is small and depth, it is common called a rave bath. To provide greatest bathing, the tub is constructing with a bench seat. Compare with American tubs, this tub purify ofuro water on a smaller area. However, the tubs usually large enough for a communal soak so some family member bathing together in one tub. It’s considered an important and relaxing ritual.

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Do you want to get Japanese Soaking Tub?

If you want one to be your own, there are some stores that now provide the tub in a good price. Nowadays the Japanese soaking tub become popular over the world and reduplicate around the world. Getting the Japanese soaking tub and shower is not difficult. Some places you can visit are: The Diamond Spas Inc., Nextag, Houzz, Oregon Live, etc. It is vary in widely range of price from $2,000-$5,000. You can get the cheaper one when the store provide Japanese soaking tub on sale.

Type of Japanese Soaking Tub

Japanese soaking tub are varied by their material. Some types of the tub are divided based on materials: metal tub, wooden tub, acrylic and composite tub. Even they are differing by the material, they have the common space: depth and small. The shapes are possible to make the home owner sitting while bathing in communal. In traditional Japan it is become the ritual for family member to be relaxed by bathing together. Compare to western, Japanese washing the body with soap outside the bath up. When they are entering the tub, they have to wash the body from the soap first in the shower nearby, inside the bathroom.

For relaxation usually the water are set in the warm temperature and it is hotter than common temperature for Western. The small tub help much for people who want to get relax at the bathroom with bath up without having a large space, the Japanese soaking tub could be the solution.