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Caribbean party theme

Creating a Caribbean party theme are a pleasure. Anyone who has had some of the islands in order to know what I mean. Turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, rum drinks, and the island may have to give this theme, all the ideas necessary to create a big party.


Like most theme parties, you need a decent sized room or backyard, or you can rent a party room. Caribbean party theme, weather permitting, will be described in the great outdoors (especially if you have a swimming pool). Or in the winter, the Caribbean party themes are just what I needed to escape the cold weather.

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A creative idea for the Caribbean party themes is to make a fake airline tickets, arrival at their destination in one of the islands of the date and time for the party. Another idea is to create a flyer for the “Caribbean Festival” (or Jamacian Reggae Jam, San Juan Latin Dance Contest, Bermuda Triangle of the party, etc.).

Other alternatives to tropical for blank invitations or paper, and write them on your computer or buy a fill-in-the-blank invitations.


Caribbean party theme require grass skirts, beach hats, wigs, Rasta, reggae hats, dreadlock wigs, coconut bikini tops, bright prints, etc. Remember to note your invitation if you expect your guests to dress up!


Caribbean party themes, favors (or the game / door prizes) and your guests may include palm-shaped votive candles, shell necklaces, reggae CDs, small bottles of hot sauce, sunglasses, sun visors, sunscreen, small bottles of Bacardi, gift bag, more of these items or other gifts, which is in keeping with the Caribbean.


Decorations and parties Caribbean themes abound, but you must be careful to include only those things that you will find in the Caribbean. In other words, you do not have a luau, so does Tiki masks or other explicit Hawaiian decor. However, you can use many of the Hawaiian luau, or marked with its own Caribbean party decorations. Here are some ideas to decorate:

* Cover the wall with a tropical photo mural

* Scatter tan and shades of blue balloons around (beach colors) or bright tropical flowers in colors such as yellow, pink, purple, green. There is even a flamingo-shaped balloons, shells and palm trees! Or get a white and blue round paper lanterns.

* Use one of the many types of palm trees, flamingos, parrots, tropical fish, and suns (inflatable, metal, paper, tissue paper, bows illuminated or otherwise), the Caribbean party themes.

* Is Exotic Flowers (real or silk) or tropical candlesticks and lamps can be a table centerpieces or accents in a territory of the party.

* Grass skirting board is a neat touch too much. If you really want to go out, you can get a grass tiki “hut” and use it as a bar or serving area.

* Do not forget to have a Caribbean party themes, tableware and napkins in a bright floral pattern or a flamingo, mix and match bright tropical colors, or even a shell-shaped plates and cups coconut!


Caribbean unique taste is sure to delight guests! Use Caribbean sauces and spices that Jamacian Jerk sauce, hot sauce, Tabasco, pepper and host sauces and spices when creating the food. Some menu ideas are: Jerk Chicken (or pork chops, beef, lamb), fried plantains, banana bread, Jamacian rice and beans, fish cakes, seafood and steaks, Coconut Shrimp, any kind of kebab (island style spices), conch knights, Spicy pasta salad, Crab Souffle, and for those who are less adventurous, the regular grilled chicken.

Are there any Caribbean sweets and desserts are also on hand! Try Bermuda Triangle cookies, coconut cookies / cake, pineapple cake with rum sauce and rum bananas, pineapple tarts, fruit pies, fruit salad, and Pina Colada sauce. Be sure to have supplies on hand for non-friends of fruit, such as chocolate cake, chocolate souffle (from the French influence in some of the islands), etc.