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Bamboo lamp shades

In traditional Chinese art, symbolism has always played an important part of a prestigious and auspicious symbols for births, weddings, hopes to live long and congratulations on a birthday.

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Many of these Bamboo lamp shades symbols, whether written or artistic character has been operating in China are literally thousands of years, so that the management of certain symbols are forgotten. But even in today’s China, these ancient meanings persist, remain deeply rooted in the Chinese psyche. Some people are born with the archaic imperial dynasty of three or four thousand years old, the other from the Chinese Buddhism. Many of the characters is also associated with Taoism, but most are from Confusion philosophic thought which focuses on the seasons and nature. Many of these signs are subtle, requiring prior knowledge of their meaning. They can read and when understood, convey a much greater depth the importance of the observer. Some of the more popular symbols are:

Bamboo lamp shades is the long life and courage in the face of adversity. Because it is an evergreen that grows and pictures, was the popularity of the symbol and mandarins fair official.

Bats – the homonym of “Fu” means both “bat” and “good luck”, so that the bat is a popular symbol. Bamboo lamp shades presented with an average of five Blessings: longevity, health, wealth, virtue and natural death.

Crane Crane is another symbol of long bird was thought to live for two thousand years. The bird flying towards the sun, or represents the urge to get up on the government hierarchy.

Dragons – a symbol of the old traditions. This well-known symbol number one of all. Five nails were reserved for the emperor dragon from ancient times to the last dynasty. Four claw dragon associates with royalty and the three charged in the dragon and the Chinese people.