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Baby Room Themes Trends

Baby room themes are one of the most exciting things for expecting parents to prepare. It is the room your baby is going to grow up in, and where you will spend most time with them during their first year, so it has to be educative, comfortable and fun all at once. Here are a few tips of the latest trends in baby room themes and colors.

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Baby Room Themes Décor Ideas

Although not necessarily unisex, baby room themes gender neutral is more popular nowadays. Don’t use the elaborate blue or pink baby room themes anymore just because your baby is a boy or a girl, but use a theme that will give them more personality or insight to life. White with splashes of light blue or dark brown is appropriate for both girls and boys and can be combined with a lot more variations of colors than a room full of pink stuffs. Don’t be afraid with dark colors in a baby room, they bring out the modern and chic while still looking good.

It’s not really the trend anymore to decorate a baby’s nursery with overly themed stuffs. Instead, choose a base color and an accent color, and then decorate the rest of the room based on their function with a nod to the two colors. It will make your baby’s room more unique than others. Use smart but appropriate decoration. A piece of art, a map or other educational charts with attractive colors will make a better decoration than the standard ABC posters. Besides as a decoration to your baby room themes they will later function as educational piece as well.

Baby Room Themes Furniture

There is one glaring omission in baby nurseries nowadays. The missing piece is a rocker. Today’s trend is not to use a rocker anymore in your baby room. The baby doesn’t really need it, and it can’t be used anymore after the baby’s all grown up. Rags are also a thing of the past. Use floor tiles instead, which would give more flexibility in space and easier to clean. Choose a multi-purpose cribs whenever possible and you can always add a sofa or adult bed for your own comfort that can be converted for the child’s use several years later. Functionality, simplicity and comfort are totally the trend in baby room themes nowadays.