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Art or Interiors?

Crossover between interior design and art and design

Interior design has played a vital role in property pretty much since man began living in caves. The eternal debate between art and design could of course rear its' head again, however when caveman decorated his cave interiors with scenes from hunts and feasts, surely these can be seen as enhancing the interior!? From those early days on we've been party to interior designers from every walk of life decorating property with materials from all round the planet, with antique furniture and contemporary furniture, luxurious interior paints and tiles, fantastically modern fixtures and fittings, kitsch doilies and window coverings from glamourous plantation shutters to interior designed bespoke shutters… The list is truly endless!

Interior design can be floral and romantic like the flowing lines of Mackintosh or calculated and hard with designers such as Starck. Materials used for interior design have played a great role in the development of this discipline of design as an interest, obsession and way of life for many people today and historically. In medieval times the decorated wall hangings which adorned castle walls were not simple amazingly detailed items of interior design, but played an enormous role in education, heating and decoration - take the world famous Biotapestry. Religious icons which have decorated churches together with stained glass windows for centuries could only come about as molten lead, gold leaf and other skills were introduced and these served to educate, provide light, offer hope and inspiration to every pair of eyes which viewed them. In the early part of the 20th century concrete was invented - not only were exteriors transformed, but interiors were captivated by this hard, cold new material, think Layer Cake and a luxurious male styled bathroom in dark concrete... Glass, metal, plastic, fabric, paint... Just about every material known to man has been utilsed to design for interiors.

The beauty of interior design as a subject and interest, there are no boundaries, form and beauty can meet in function, as long as we're talking of items for the home or workplace, which serve to fulfill a function, interior design meets its needs. So please read these pages and we hope you find inspiration and ideas for your interior design project. Don’t forget to ask our experts for any advice or contact us if you would like us to feature a particular subject to do with interiors

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Changes in the super store interior offerings?

With many of the larger chain superstores serving interior design lead products such as paints, wallpapers, lighting and so on, the list is endless, we have seen a shift to these stores offering standalone bespoke products for the interior market. Chains such as B&Q have started to offer a new service for DIY interior shutters with their satellite website and also offer other partner based products online and it is anticipated through retail outlets as well. This trend with the large retailers diversifying and reaching new markets with new products can only be good for the industry, as a rising in consiousness of interior products spreads out.

Meeting Place in USA for interiors suppliers and manufacturers

For those of you lucky enough to be involved with interior design and particularly eco design developing work at the forefront of sustainable product development in the USA we suggest taking a look at the revamped diy and interior store in Nebraska if you can get out that way. This home store has developed together with suppliers a range of products which suit not only sustainable decor and manufacturing techniques but also have a great place for practicing designers and interior experts to speak and meet with like minded people to thrash out possibilities for the future of interiors and where they sit in the great scheme of manufacturing. With suppliers from around the world and an ever shrinking global market place for supply chains we thoroughly recommend a visit.